Technology for Land Reclamation & Construction Industry

Technology is ever growing and that is no different in the construction and reclamation industry. At the National Summit for Reclamation and Construction, we will discuss new technology and how it is changing our processes for the better.We are excited about this year’s technology topics and look forward to discussing them with everyone.

Managing Construction and Assets

During The Summit, we will be discussing the increases use and application of geospatial data and analytics to manage construction and infrastructure assets. This topic has been ongoing within different industries over the last few years. We are excited about the furthered applications and improvements that are growing in the field as we move forward. We will discuss their effects on various construction and reclamation industries as they are and how they may improve.

Aerial Imagery, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

We will be discussing several aspects of aerial imagery, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Among these topics will be their use as a pipeline risk assessment tool and their use in stormwater management and BMP assessments. In addition, we will discuss their application in slip, slope, and landslide identification, surface hydrology, and vegetation success monitoring.

Integrated Vegetation Management

Technology will also be discussed concerning their use in Integrated Vegetation Management (or IVM) programs. We will teaching the improvements in technology and how they can improve IVM programs as they currently are and building on what we’ve had in the past. We are excited to see the improvements to the programs and to discuss applications with you.




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