Science for Land Reclamation & Construction Industry

We believe that the top priority for any successful project begins with good science. In order to apply good science, you must first understand it. That is why we are discussing a number of science-based topics at this year’s Summit. Each topic can be applied immediately to your projects and can help to ensure the success of your future projects.

Choosing the Best Vegetation and Applying the Best Fertilizers

It is important to choose the most appropriate vegetation for the site of your project. To that end, we will discuss choosing vegetation for site-specific conditions and uses, as well as planting the recommended seed mixes when the climate is optimal for them. Connected to vegetation, we will discuss the application of appropriate amendments and fertilizers for optimal growth.

Applying Science to Ensure Successful Growth

We will discuss how understanding soil characteristics can ensure successful growth and what promotes successful seed germination. Adding to our discussion will be thoughts on soil conservation practices and soil and agronomic-based approaches. We hope that these topics will help you as you consider future projects and will help you to make those projects a great success.

Mining: Reclamation Practices

In the mining industry, obtaining growth on coarse, low organic material can be challenging.The Summit will cover reclamation strategies with scientific approaches including bio-engineering techniques to manage highly erosive soil and slopes.  




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