Reclamation Event: Environmental Mitigation & Land Reclamation Conference

Land reclamation is widely understood to be “the process of reconverting disturbed land to its former or other productive uses”. And land restoration is “the process of ecological restoration of a site to a natural landscape and habitat, safe for humans, wildlife, and plant communities”. Responsible project development and long-term land and asset management is a priority in today’s climate for many industries. The Summit covers efficient and cost effective reclamation and restoration planning, stakeholder/landowner outreach and construction best practices.

Sustainability Through Cooperation

Our goal is to educate on balancing land development with protection of the public, environment and natural resources. All of our industries are affected by the general growing interest in land stewardship and construction excellence regardless of project size. This is why we invite people from varying industries to attend our construction and reclamation event. Our goal is to share information, insight, and techniques in order to improve the sustainability and longevity of the industries and support business involved.

Agency Involvement & Support

We provide an opportunity for agencies and industry professionals to come together to discuss real world challenges in an out of office environment. The Summit is the only event where you can view active construction and reclamation processes in a safe learning environment. Regulatory planning and compliance is critical to our industries and drives innovation. Most projects are under the direction of several federal, state, and local regulatory bodies thus we strive to find common ground between regulatory requirements and best construction and reclamation practices.

Repurposing for Environmental Sustainability

During the reclamation and repurposing process, many industries become involved to facilitate the project. Transportation, farming, equipment, construction and industrial companies alike will all have a hand in land reclamation, which is why we open The Summit doors to all industries and business that feel they have something to learn and something to contribute when it comes to land reclamation. When we all work together to responsibly repurpose damaged landscapes, everyone benefits! Your company gets more business, does its job more successfully, and helps implement vital new best practices in environmental sustainability, paving the way for future generations!




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