Innovation for Land Reclamation & Construction Industry

Innovation is the heart of progress. To this end, we have many topics addressing innovation and Rec-Tech-Science. Rec-Tech-Science in the integration of construction with reclamation, technology, and science leading to improved project planning and long-term success of reclamation. We believe these topics will help you as you move forward in your industry and implement positive changes to assist in your success. Below are some of the topics covered at The Summit.

Customized Equipment and their Uses

We will show and demonstrate several pieces of custom equipment and their uses. The equipment showcased will be Hydroseeders, Drill Seeders, Imprint Seeders, Deep Till and Decompaction Tools, Graders, Rock Crushers, and Rock Pickers. As we go over these customized pieces of equipment, we hope that you will be able to see their application in your own industries.

Water Harvesting and Deep Ripping Decompaction Tools

In addition to the customized equipment, we will also display discussing deep ripping implements for soil decompaction. There will be a rain simulator as part of erosion challenges as well as a discussion on water harvesting

Spill Response Solutions and Adaptive Management

We will also discuss adaptive management and spill response solutions. The adaptive management discussion will help you to look at your management and see what can be done differently or even better. When it comes to spill response solutions, we will approach the application of organic hydrocarbon and options for what to do to get hydrocarbons out of the soil.




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