Construction Event: Environmental Reclamation & Construction Industry Expo

If you’re in the construction, oil and gas, renewables or mining industry, then you’ve no doubt worked with other businesses in the environmental reclamation industry whether they be government organizations or privately-owned enterprises. Learn new methods for planning and executing projects based on the type of land upon which you’re working, share your knowledge of various methods of construction with those in sister-industries, and gain a deeper, broader understanding of how land reclamation and construction industries can work together to create sustainable systems as you attend our construction industry conference and construction networking event.

Why Attend The Summit

The construction industry plays a vital part in the process of reclaiming land for a new role if the land is being re-purposed for housing or industry. Building on reclaimed land can present a multitude of challenges depending on what the landscape and climate are like, and what the land was being used for or what state it was in before reclamation. There are many variables that need to be considered during these projects that are dependent on the state of the land: building structure, size, purpose, etc. Our construction conference offers a place where all applicable industry professionals can come together and discuss new ideas, technology and findings in helping one another create sustainably reclaimed land complexes.

The Summit is for You

Throughout the event we explore the environmental explore and convey the benefits of construction using Rec-Tech-Science, which is the integration of construction, reclamation, technology, and science practices, to provide informed project planning, execution, and long-term asset management solutions. Rec-Tech-Science integrates the best practices for informed project planning, excellence in the execution, and long-term asset management solutions.

Relevant Topics and Current Technology

Our construction convention is a great place to get up-to-date information about construction industry technology and regulatory strategies. You will get new information through talks, demonstrations, and activities. These will also show how new equipment and tactics work in practice so that you can take the information back with you when you return to your company and continue with your projects. We hope that the information you gain and the connections you foster will help you as you move forward in the construction industry and continue to change the world.




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Come together with hundreds of other industry professionals to learn more about innovative best practices and technology and the role your industry plays in creating a more environmentally sustainable tomorrow.