Best Practices Discussion

During the 2020 National Summit for Reclamation and Construction, we will be covering a vast number of topics concerning best practices. These will range from planning and permitting to right-of-way management. We hope that these topics will enrich your experience and that you will be able to apply the things you learn to your own projects. Some of our other topics will include the following.


For our construction topics, we will cover well pad development and pipeline and facility construction. Concerning pipeline and facility construction we will go over stringing, trenching, pipe bending, lowering in, welding, trench plugs, hydrostatic testing, backfilling, and trenchless installations. Each of these techniques and topics will be discussed and we hope they will enrich your experience, giving you more to pull from as you move forward with your projects.

Seeding and Mulching Techniques

There are several techniques we will be going over that pertain to seeding and mulching. For seeding, these topics will include hydroseeding, aerial seeding, drill seeding, imprint seeding, broadcast seeding, and topsoil and subsoil decompaction. For mulching, we will cover wood mulching, hydro mulching, aerial mulching, soil binding, straw, grass, and cornstalk mulching.

Erosion Control

In terms of erosion control, we will be focusing on erosion control devices or ECDs. These include silt fences and silt socks, straw wattles, rock socks, inlet protection, erosion bales, EC blankets, dewatering, and dust control. We will discuss each of these along with their benefits. We hope that this discussion will help you as you move forward with your own projects and as you consider all aspects of your projects and their future.




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