Land Reclamation & Construction Networking Event

Beyond being an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about innovative technology and sustainability practices being newly applied in your industry, the National Summit for Reclamation and Construction is an excellent way to meet other professionals from sister industries and network to create future symbiotic business relationships. This construction industry networking conference is a great opportunity for all those involved in the industry from multi-discipline industry teams with varying degrees of experience in public outreach, environmental sustainability and permitting, product managers and engineers, and even procurement and operations teams, to seasoned industry experts.

A Construction Networking Event for Your Whole Team

The Summit is a national construction, reclamation, science, and technology conference, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get your whole company involved. From learning about machinery and equipment to discussing best business and management practices, this is a unique opportunity to learn from and network with others in the field. In the reclamation and construction industries, there are multi-disciplined teams working to facilitate the entire operation and making everything possible, but not everyone gets to experience the work in action. The Summit offers learning opportunities for those already experienced in the field and also staff who don’t spend much time on active construction sites. No matter their role, every person has the chance to get familiar with the equipment and processes, and develop a better understanding of the industry.

A Construction Expo for Professionals

In today’s rapidly-changing world, there is nothing more challenging or important in business than staying on top of industry trends and consumer needs. Even if you’ve worked in the reclamation or construction industry for decades, there will always be new insights in technology, science, safety, environmental sustainability, and best practices. The Summit is a construction-driven industry networking conference as much for the seasoned industry expert as it is for young professionals! We understand that networking is vital to your business no matter if you’re an established company looking to reinforce business relationships, a new company that needs to make new connections, or a professional looking to collaborate and learn new practices!

All Industry Professionals Are Welcome!

Because we understand that so many industries work hand in hand to accomplish the land reclamation and construction processes, we invite all individuals involved in varying industries to attend our construction industry conference in order to teach and learn from one another: oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, construction, transportation, and restoration/reclamation business professionals are all encouraged to attend! The most important value we promote at our construction expo is we can all succeed in business and in conservation by working together towards a common goal!




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Come together with hundreds of other industry professionals to learn more about innovative best practices and technology and the role your industry plays in creating a more environmentally sustainable tomorrow.