Hands-On Learning Stations

As part of The Summit, we offer hands-on learning stations. The stations correspond with the complete project life cycle and the topics of the conference and provide an opportunity to get interactive experience with equipment, new technologies and techniques. In addition to the structured stations, we also have three equipment play zones. These stations provide a hands-on experience that you can take with you when you return to your construction, reclamation and maintenance projects.

Planning and Construction Stations

Several of the hands-on stations are dedicated to planning construction, restoration, post construction monitoring and long-term maintenance. We hope that these topics will enhance your current knowledge and that we can all help each other to continue to learn and grow in the construction industry.

Seeding and Mulch Stations

There is a lot to approach when it comes to seeding, mulch, and their connected activities. Therefore, there are several stations focused on seeding, aerial seeding, mulching, straw, and erosion control. These stations will provide hands-on experience with these topics and more.

Equipment Play Zones

We offer three equipment play zones at our yearly Summit. In these zones, you will get to play with backhoes, hydro mulchers, and drones. The experience will give you a chance to use this equipment in a controlled environment without having to use them for the first time on one of your projects without the same experience. As you gain experience with these tools, we hope that you will take the experiences back with you and apply everything you have learned to your businesses.




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