Equipment Demonstrations

Our live equipment demonstrations are a great way to see our topics and new technology in action. They provide examples of practical applications and show how the equipment should be used and why. The demonstrations that will be offered during our conference will be focused on restoration and construction. Demonstrations last about an hour and will provide information on current industry practices and equipment.

Restoration Demonstration

There are several topics our live restoration demonstration is going to address. Some of the things we will demonstrate will be decompaction and ripping, seeding, and ghost tractor use. We will also demonstrate high-speed disc and mulching. These practices will add to your knowledge of best practices and will serve to improve your overall project quality.

Construction Demonstration

There are a couple of things we will demonstrate regarding construction. One task we will demonstrate is pipe bending. Another task we will demonstrate is smart pig operations. We believe these topics will help you with your construction projects and allow you to handle the creation and inspection of your piping in the best manner possible.


We hope that these demonstrations will provide you with many takeaways that you can bring back home with you and use to continuously improve your own construction and restoration businesses. Having more knowledge of current construction industry practices and available equipment will help you to be more efficient and safer as you continue your projects. We also hope that these demonstrations will help you to foster the relationships you have been building throughout the day and maintain the ones you have made in previous years.




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